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Sidr honey spoons

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These delicious spoons of Sidr Honey offer a mess-free way to take your daily dose of healthy, natural sweetness. Our spoons contain ready-to-use honey, from one of the world's most renowned and unique forests in the Middle East. Carefully hand crafted with love, Sidr honey is not just delightful; it also has robust flavours that are full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Stir your cup of tea or other beverages with one of our spoons and savour the flavour that comes with it. Features: - Handcrafted spoons made with only natural ingredients - Ready to use, no need for stirring or driving into liquid - Unique flavour unrivaled by store bought honey brands Benefits: - Delicious flavour that adds wholesome sweetness to teas, smoothies and yogurt - Potent sources of antioxidants and minerals - All the benefits of traditional beekeeping without the effort or mess


Bees extract it from the nectar of the Sidr flower (Canary tree), which grows in the mountains and arid deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. It is distinguished by its delicious taste and its strong aroma, as it maintains its quality for many years and maintains its therapeutic properties.